Q: What's inside Wrestle Crate?
Wrestle Crate is a monthly mystery box that contains an assortment of wrestling items. Inside you will find goodies from both top brands in the wrestling world as well as Wrestle Crate exclusive items that cannot be bought anywhere else. The type of items you can expect are exclusive t-shirts, DVDs, autographed memorabilia, collectables, Funko, posters, homeware and artwork plus lots more. The key here is mystery.

Q: What happens when I sign up to Wrestle Crate?
When you sign up you're billed that day for our next advertised Crate. At this point, we're hand-picking what we believe to be the absolute best wrestling content ready to load into your Crate.  Your Crate will ship on our after the 20th and should arrive between the 24th and 28th. You're billed for the next Crate on the 28th, shortly after your Crate has been dispatched. You can cancel at any time or even skip a month from within your account.

Q: Can’t I just buy these items in stores?
Some you can, yes, but at retail price. Others, absolutely not, they are 100% exclusive to Wrestle Crate.

Q: How long do I have to sign up?
The counter on our home page helps you track this. Our cut off is 23:59 GMT on the 12th of every month.

Q: How often will I receive my Wrestle Crate?
Wrestle Crate is a monthly subscription. You'll receive a Crate every month.

Q: When will my Wrestle Crate ship?
We ship around the 20th - 22nd of each month. If you signed up between the 1st and 12th of the month, you'll be sent you first Crate this month. If you sign up between the 13th and 31st of the month, you'll be sent your first Crate next month.

We estimate that your Crate will arrive between the 24th and 30th of each month in the UK. If you've not received your Crate after 25 days from shipping,  please email for investigation. Orders to Europe will take up to one month to arrive.

If your Crate is returned to us having not been collected by you from your post collection point (in the event that you're not home upon attempted delivery) it is your responsibility to contact us to arrange to pay the postage fee again and re-arrange delivery. Shipping dates are estimates and we may ship later than this in the event of unexpected delay. No refunds would be given should we need to ship later than the 22nd.

Q: I think my Crate is lost. What should I do?
First of all, don't worry. Less than 0.02% of the Crates we've sent have actually went missing in transit. However, around 1% of Crates each month are returned to us. The top 2 reasons are "not called for" and "incorrect address". We are unable to investigate a delayed Crate until 25 days have passed (30 days outside of the UK), as this is the point at which Royal Mail consider a parcel lost.

Before contacting us, please ensure that you complete the following steps:

1) Check with your local post collection point. Most of our returned Crates are not picked up and returned to us after 21 days. It's possible that the postman didn't leave a card.
2) Log into your account and check your address. If this has been entered incorrectly, the Crate will be returned to us and we will resend it upon you paying the P&P; to resend.
3) You're sent a confirmation email when your Crate ships. If you've not received this by the 23rd of the month (after checking your junk folder of your emails) please contact us.

Once you've checked the above, if you've still not received your Crate after 25 days (30 outside of the UK) then please email with the delivery name and address.

Q: Can I give a Wrestle Crate subscription as a gift?
Yes. You can gift a subscription by creating a new account with a new user name and password.

Q: Will I ever receive duplicate items in Wrestle Crate?
No. Each month we make the Crate unique to that month. The only chance of duplicates is if you've already bought the item elsewhere at retail price. The exclusive items will never be repeated and you'll never find these anywhere else.

Q: What is the difference between Wrestle Crate and Wrestle Crate Lite?
Just the amount of loot inside. Wrestle Crate contains every item for the month, usually 6-9 items. Wrestle Crate Lite will contain 4-6 of these items, but not all of them, and not every Wrestle Crate Lite will contain the same selection of items. The only way to ensure you get every item is inside Wrestle Crate. Both options will always include a t-shirt.

Q: What Countries do we ship to and what is the cost of shipping?
We ship to the UK for £5, the rest of Europe for £10.50 and both Australia and New Zealand for £18. If you order from outside of Europe, Australia or New Zealand your order will not be shipped.

Q: Do I get a tracking ID for my Crate?
We brought Wrestle Crate to Europe with a view to saving our customers up to £7.75 in shipping fees every month. With this in mind, our economy shipping does NOT include insurance or tracking. If you'd like to add this option, please email By signing up to Wrestle Crate you accept that insurance and tracking will not be included in your subscription.

Q: Why are we asking for your shirt size?
Every Crate contains an exclusive wrestling t-shirt! We want to ensure that these fit you.

On very rare occasions we may run out of certain sizes. If this happens we will give you the next size of t-shirt up on your first month only.

Q: Do you offer larger/smaller sizes?
Our shirt sizes are dictated by our shirt maker. As soon as they add different sizes, we will too.

Q: Will your next Crate include *insert wrestling product name* inside it?
Who knows. That's the fun of the mystery Crate concept. If you want specific items, we recommend that you buy those items.

Q: Is there a theme to each month's Crate?
Our theme is professional wrestling and each Crate will feature a mix of the best, hand-picked items from around the wrestling world. We don't do themes because we would never, ever want to alienate any of our members by sending them an entire Crate full of items of a theme they may not like or be familiar with.

Q: Can I buy Wrestle Crate for my child?
We advise parental discretion when subscribing to Wrestle Crate. Although we aim to keep our boxes family-friendly, we often are not able to review the media (print, DVD, etc) beforehand so parental discretion is advised.


Q: Where does my £5 UK 'postage' go?
£2.90 Postage, £0.83 VAT, £1.00 custom box - leaving £0.27 for tape, labels, ink and to pay for somebody to pack your Crate.

Q: I am trying to sign up but have been given a "card has been declined error". What can I do?
We use an American payment processor called Stripe who, despite being the most used online payment processor in the US, are often flagged by UK banks and payments decline. The small number of people who've experienced this issue before have all been able to fix this by telling their bank that they intend to pay us and the payment has went through fine upon second attempt.

You can also use the PayPal option to pay with card or through PayPal instead.

Q: When will I be billed for Wrestle Crate?
You will be charged for the full cost of the first month on sign up. After your initial Crate has been dispatched, a recurring charge will be automatically processed a few days after the Crate ships. This will happen on the 28th of each month.

Q: I get paid after the 28th. What should I do?
Don't worry. If our system detects that you're unable to renew on the 28th it will re-try for ten days after.

Q: I don't have a credit card. Can I pay using PayPal?
YES! We accept most major bank cards from all over the world. You can enter your bank card details into the "credit card" section of the payment screen to pay via bank card. We DO accept PayPal payments too.

Q: Can I cancel my subscription then reactivate it before the cut off?
Yes, but you must do this on or before the 11th, not the 12th. If you reactivate your account on the final cut off day, you'll not be billed until a day later (13th) and you'll miss that month's Crate.

Q: Can I use a discount code more than once?
No. On occasion there will be discount codes available via some of our partners for 10% off your first Crate only. These cannot be redeemed on anything other than your first order from Wrestle Crate.

Q: What currency will I be charged in?
All orders are processed in Great British pounds.

Q: How do I update my payment information?
Log into your account and select “Payment Options”. You can type over your existing card details there.

Q: I want to cancel my subscription but am in the middle of a month. Do I still get the Wrestle Crate that I paid for?
Yes, you will still receive all of the Crates for which you've paid.


Q: How do I cancel my subscription?
Log in, click on “My Account”, and click “Cancel Subscription”.

Q: When can I cancel my subscription?
Initial sign up may not be cancelled. After your first Crate has arrived, you can cancel at any time, or even skip a month, all from within your account.

If you would like to request a refund, you can only do so if it is outside of 10 calendar days of an impending ship date. This is because we will have already purchased stock for you by that point. To request a refund, please email

If you cancel after the 28th of the month,you will still receive the next Crate, as you have been charged for this.

Q: How do I change my t-shirt size or how to I upgrade/downgrade my plan?
Log in, click on “my account” and click “my profile”. Any changes you make may not go through for the next Crate which you receive, if you've already paid for it, but will take effect for the next Crate which you pay for. For example; if you renew your account on the 28th, and change your shirt size or upgrade/downgrade on the 29th, your next Crate will not reflect the change which you've made.

Q: How do I change my shipping address?
Log in, click on “my account” and click “shipping information”. This must be done no later than the 12th of the month to guarantee that the address change will take affect for that month's Crate.


Q: An item was broken or damaged in my Wrestle Crate. What should I do?
Send an email with a picture of the damaged item to: We only accept returns for items which have arrived damaged or faulty. (Note - we can only replace items that have a manufacturing fault or damage to the item itself. If the damage is to the packaging of an item then this would have happened in transit and we will not replace this. Please contact Royal Mail in the event your item arrives damaged in transit)

Q: I received the wrong shirt size. What should I do?
If this was one size up then we're afraid that we simply ran out of stock of your size due to high demand. If your shirt size is completely wrong then please send an email to:


Q: I've referred a friend to join Wrestle Crate UK. How do I claim my free item?

If you tell a friend to join Wrestle Crate, and you're currently an active subscriber, you'll be sent an extra free gift inside your next Crate, as long as the person signed up successfully and has not cancelled by time your next Crate ships.
To be eligible, you must both still actively subscribed on the date that your Crate is packed.

Once your friend signs up, email with the subject 'Referred a Friend'. In the email, please tell us - your name, your postcode, your friends name, your friends postcode.

Your item will be chosen at random, but please feel free to request items that are currently available at (these are not guaranteed).

Got more than one friend? We'll send an item for each that you refer.

What may the gift be? Any DVDs or autograph we have in stock from a past Crate.

We reserve the right to withdraw this offer for certain customers if we have genuine reason to believe you've not referred the customer in question.

Q: Am I eligible to use the code "FREEBIE"?
This code is available to any customer who is purchasing their very first Wrestle Crate only.
Current subscribers, please see the question above.

Q: Will Wrestle Crate sponsor me/send me free stuff/give me my own discount code?
We are asked this almost every day. The answer is 'maybe'. We're always looking to work with new influencers. If you have a platform on which you'd like to promote Wrestle Crate, please send an email to: with the following information:

Your name
Your platform (YouTube, Podcast, etc) including a link
Your subscriber/follower/listener count


Wrestle Crate is a proud, family owned, small business!

What started in a basement in Kentucky, USA may have crossed the pond and set up a second home in the UK but we still retain our family roots.

By teaming with Calling Spots magazine, Wrestle Crate UK is very much still a small business trying to make a big impact to wrestling fans all across Europe.

One of our proudest moment to date was the day that our little boxes of wrestling goodies were popular enough that we were able to take some to the Ronald McDonald House. We were able to do this thanks to your support.

Thank you so much for your support and enjoy your Wrestle Crate!

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