Kane Exclusive Autograph
The 2021 WWE Hall of Famer makes his Wrestle Crate return with a second exclusively hand-signed print. Despite being a former multiple time world champion, nine-time tag team champion and Royal Rumble winner Kane isn't associated with any individual title and instead is remembered for being one of the most dominant big men the sport has produced. Kane was a legitimate main eventer from the Attitude Era to the Reality Era and the history of the WWF/E cannot be told without 'The Big Red Monster' being included.

Rey Mustafa Ali Exclusive Autograph
One of the most popular performers in recent WWE history, Mustafa Ali left the company in 2023 and is now making a name for himself for TNA, NJPW and the independent scene. Ali signed these prints during a recent trip to the UK and we are proud to bring these to our subscribers.

Dallas Sportatorium Exclusive T-shirt
This month's exclusive shirt is an homage to the World Famous Dallas Sportatorium and the wrestlers that performed there.

Inside The Ropes #43
Brought to our subscribers before it is available in stores, the most recent issue of ITR includes a career retrospective of Sting, an interview with Trish Stratus, a look at the impact of The Rick's return to WWE and many more.

Showtime Stained-Glass Pin
When we created this month's pin, we hoped that at least one of our subscribers would open their crate and exclaim "It's Stiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnng". The Icon recently made the decision to hang up his boots after a legendary career that spanned five different decades. A multiple time world champion, Hall of Famer and, for many, a Mount Rushmore figure there's few that have left their mark on wrestling in the way Sting has.

Wrestling Weapons Trolley Coin
At a time where it is increasingly common for society to be 'cashless' the need to have a one pound coin to do your weekly 'big shop' is becoming more and more of a pain in the backside. Don't worry as we at Wrestle Crate have your back and you can now carry your very own trolley coin with you as part of your keys.

90s Wrestling Magnet
Nothing made the 'senior' members of our team feel older than trying to explain what "tape trading" was to the younger members of our squad. Whether you were watching this week's Raw/Nitro that had been helpfully recorded by your pal onto a brand new tape or you were watching grainy footage of umpteenth-hand copies of classic Mid-South Wrestling, there's nothing that takes you back to the 90s like remembering the lost art of tape trading. It may be gone but it's definitely not forgotten.

History of Onita in FMW
The Legendary Atsushi Onita is renowned for creating, and staring for, Frontier Martial-Arts Wrestling (aka FMW). From 1989 to 2002 FMW was one of the most extreme promotions in the world with barbwire and explosions almost becoming the norm. Enjoy this look back at the legendary promotion by watching online as part of March's Wrestle Crate subscription.

Thank you for your amazing support - The Wrestle Crate Team.